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Two of The Best Philosopher from Indonesia Back Then

Indonesia Philosopher known as the pioneer of the proper education during the independence war around 1945, some of them are famous until now and respected as the guru of education in Indonesia, some of them are:

  1. Ki Hajar Dewantara

Ki Hadjar Dewantara with his famous quote

Which is the father of Education Indonesia. Ki Hajar Dewantara comes from the family environment of Sultan Palace. (EYD: Suwardi Suryaningrat – after that since 1922 became Ki Hadjar Dewantara EYD Ki Hajar Dewantara, a number of mentioning the sound of his Javanese language with Ki Hajar Dewantoro)

He was an activist of Indonesian freedom movement, columnist, politician, and pioneer of education for indigenous Indonesians during the Dutch colonial era He created an evolution in education that is from pinandita to pinandita satria from the hero of the spiritual teacher to the teacher Spiritual, soul-knight, who prepare themselves and learners to nurture the nation and state For Ki Hajar Dewantara, all teachers should be individuals who are weighted in identity and spirituality, then provide themselves to be a hero and prepare all learners to be defenders of the nation and the nation specialize as an educator is first Function as a model or Figure exemplary, then as a Facilitator or teacher.

Therefore, the name Hajar Dewantara itself has a meaning as a teacher who teaches goodness, nobleness, virtue. With so many ideas from Ki Hajar Dewantara, there is one forgotten concept. Ki Hajar once catapulted the concept of learning 4 walls. If we look at the past while still in school, the format of space we study the average is rectangular. Sah, Ki Hajar recommend space learning room is solely built 4 side walls only. There is one side open. This concept is not the mainstream of his Philosophy. With one wall open, it is as if the desire to assert there is no limit or distance between in the study room and the reality outside.

Many of his works are the foundations of the people of Indonesia in developing education and if you want to get a trusted sports agent, you could visit agen sbobet terbaik, continuing the article, especially Philosophical sentences (in addition to the 3-wall concept above-like In front of example, in the middle of giving guidance, behind giving encouragement).

2. M. Nasroen

Book written by M.Nasroen

A pioneer of the study of Indonesian philosophy. The peak of his career was when he served as Professor of Philosophy University of Indonesia. His work is Falsafah Indonesia, which in the National Library of Indonesia (PNRI) is categorized as a rare book. In his work, Nasroen affirms the distinction between Indonesian philosophy and Western (Old-Greek) philosophy and Eastern Philosophy, then reaches out to a common thread that Indonesian philosophy is a distinctive philosophy not Western and not Eastern, which is clearly manifested in the philosophical doctrine of agreement, ryhme words, Pancasila, customary law, divinity, mutual help, and kinship. Several quotations of his work are exhibited as a result of that view of life in the realm of reality, is culture.

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