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stay motivated thanks to positive psychology!

What is positive psychology?

Positive psychology, not to be confused with positive thinking, consists in “taking an  interest in well-being and all its components by bringing together specific determinants to generate positive emotions. The goal is to increase your well being and potentiate the effects of what happens to us well,  “says Charles Galand. For this, it is necessary to ”  take an interest in what makes us happy, to talk about it and to remember it  “. To get there, try, in a day, to highlight the positive events so that the negative things do not take over! Because in this period of revisions , it is imperative to keep fit and feel good both mentally and physically to boost your chances of success . Know that the positive emotions are related to our immune system and our health: This is why “the  more positive we are, the more likely we are to be resistant, so to feel good before and during the exam!  “Confirms Charles Galand.

Make your stress a success factor

Positive psychology does not directly reduce stress , but to control emotions. According to Charles Galand, ”  it helps to overcome an uncomfortable situation much more easily, so to surpass oneself on a daily basis  “. For example, being able to do an annals exercise or have a good White Bac rating is a positive experience that needs to be valued: it reinforces your sense of control, which will allow you to better manage your stress afterwards!
” Emotion management is important for vital balance and psychological health. In the long run, too much stress has a bad impact on the body. That’s when negative emotions will grow  . ” The goal is therefore that your stress strengthens your adaptation function in the face of a particular event like the Bac  !

Simple methods to apply

There are many simple and accessible methods you can use to keep your spirits up. Charles Galand offers you some of them.

Before going to bed, write down in a journal at least three favorable things that happened to you during the day and read them over again. So you have to make an effort to remember positive events: if you do not, they are less powerful and negative emotions easily take over! For example, you may note that you have made good progress in your revisions, or when you want to watch your favorite soccer team match in Bandar Bola Piala Dunia 2018, or have included a particular point in a class. “The brain working at night, it will simply allow you to anchor in your memory positive memories and not focus on your fear of failure . ” So you have the keys in your hands!

The relationship you have with those around you is also important: “Being open to others will greatly enhance a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-esteem,” says Charles Galand. Group work is therefore beneficial! Help each other during revisions and share your cards. You will motivate your comrades who will motivate you too. This will allow you to boost your abilities unconsciously and revise effectively for the Baccalaureate!

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