Play Online Poker with Philosophy to Winning and Not Broke

If Dewi Lestari (Dee) has ‘Coffee Philosophy’, I don’t want to lose. I have ‘Poker Philosophy’. Yes, the game that uses the playing card is you know. Games that are thought to have evolved from many games around ten centuries. If reviewed, not a few things that I feel are positive about the game that uses the basic principles of domino, rank of combination cards and use of “snapping” to deceive this opponent.

I am fond of playing poker games on a laptop, and without betting on real money. Certainly not like the figure of Jim Bennett starring Mark Wahlberg in the film “The Gambler”. Play poker at to refresh your mind.

Without extending the preamble, I just describe it one by one according to the description of what I have dug out of Poker. First, each player has the opportunity to win even though whatever card he gets. Want the cards to be 2 spades and 4 diamonds, hope winning still exists compared to different players who have As pairs (the two highest As / Card cards). All remain determined from the card issued by the dealer. It is possible for players who hold 2 spades and 4 diamonds to successfully reach the ‘hands’ of two pairs (a pair of cards of the same value, multiplied by a pair of cards of the same value), straight (five cards in a sequence), three of kind (three cards with the same value), full house (three worth cards and a pair of other cards) or exactly four of kind (four cards of the same value and one other card with different values)

So, whatever card you have, the chance of winning remains wide open. So what should you do with phobias with weaknesses, weaknesses and self-limitations. Good luck will be obtained from strong people to continue to call, call and call up to five cards issued by the dealer. Do not give up!

But what if you keep calling, call and call (take a bet) but it turns out that the card issued by the dealer doesn’t favor us at all? Well, that is “Poker Philosophy” second point. This Poker game doesn’t immediately end up like eating gelatin. This is where your accuracy of estimation or instinct is needed to measure the shadows. Many of the people walked without measuring the shadows. The term, they often use frog. When remembering to move, just jump (the horse frog is on the edge of the cliff. Modar deh). This style should not be tried in the game of Poker, for a moment we can be a buster (lose) and leave the table with a bowed face.

The third point is courage. As I wrote above, Poker is a game that often uses “snapping”. Piles of chips on the table that are felt to fall into our hands can disappear and switch hands if we are consumed with ‘snapping’. For example, the three cards that have been issued by the dealer are 8 diamonds, 7 shovels and 6 diamonds. We who hold the As pair are then bullied by the player who holds 5 diamonds. We retreat because the player is doing all in. As it turns out, these two cards are issued by the dealer as As Wajik and 2 Curly. We should win by reaching the ‘hands’ of three of kind, but we can make it, we have chosen to use fold. Conversely, the player who grasped you has successfully won the game with the bravery of the estimation of the ‘straight hand’ he would get.

Next the fourth point. Poker is a betting game, so be careful when betting. If you really hold the As pair, King pair or two high-value points with the same type, then don’t be careless. Do not because it has been imagined to win the round, we are just missing the control in doing the raise (plus the bet). On the one hand we can lose by different players cards (because all players have the chance to win), then on the other hand, by working on a raise or precisely all in (all pairs), then other players will choose to retreat and our chances of dredging opponents chips will disappear.

The fifth point is calmness. If indeed the card you get is good, stay calm and vice versa. Stay calm because different players will listen to your movements and dig a gap to understand indirectly what our cards lack. In other words, if for example Poker is Facebook, don’t update the position of the very deep turmoil. Useless. Your friends will laugh happily. Like Poker earlier, indulgence will create different people knowing our shortcomings. Keep on waiting, because the storm must have passed.

Sixth point, mmm … What? I thought first

Oh yeah, you can’t be trapped and can’t be fooled. Many of your opponents are cheating. When he holds a card that will clearly win, but he shows a fragile and flattening expression. Don’t be fooled by that style. If you are trapped and deceived, danger. We will be ‘forced’ by the opponent to continue to follow each bet (even though your card doesn’t really have a chance of winning). At the end of the day you are bowed sluggishly watching opponents laugh at the chips. Nowadays there are not a few types of people who are like that. Seducing, trapping and then making you a victim of deception. Intuition must still be heard because you only know who we are and what you have to do to live this life.

For the first six, the Poker Philosophy. So that’s what I explained about the practice implicit in the playing card game (remember, I’m not teaching how to play Poker that is good and right, hehehe …). It remains the essence of how each of us can try to find knowledge from a game. Be a winner !!

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