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how to love philosophy?

Are you one of the students who hate philosophy? You do not understand anything in class? First of all, you must forget all the prejudices and misconceptions you can have about philosophy in order to better apprehend and love it. This is what explains Jean-Jacques Sarfati, professor of philosophy at the University Paris-Dauphine.

Why is philosophy scary?

”  Philosophy has always been scary because it refers to a search for truth and as the saying goes (wrongly in my opinion),” there is only the truth that hurts “and we are afraid of being hurt by philosophy because of its close connection with the truth. Yet philosophy is also and above all the quest and love of the wise , and in a world that works well, no one should fear wisdom!
On the other hand, philosophy has become a very selective subject and to fail there is fear for the famous file that would open the doors of selective channels. Finally, the philo being associated with the intelligence: many say to themselves if I fail in philosophy, I risk to be regarded as a fool!
How many times have I met people who came to see me knowing that I was a professor of philosophy as to apologize for having a “bad” note in philosophy? It must be acknowledged that the way it is sometimes presented gives many young and old people the feeling of not belonging to a very closed “club”: that of those who possess the culture and the cultural keys. These are some explanations, but we should dig deeper …

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In this case, how to reassure the students?

”  To reassure them, we must change the image of philosophy and I also think that we must reach the general public by works that could be less academic and more focused on what concerns them (without falling into the popularization and all remaining demanding). In classrooms, for example, philosophy teachers need not be “obsessed” by the program, which can be summed up in one sentence: helping young people to make their own judgment and not give in to parental pressure. and students who are obsessed sometimes by the baccalaureate and the method or notions.

The key is not to lose touch with young people, to listen to them and finally not to hesitate to offer them to “play”, to have fun, to make philosophy differently.. In some creative and intelligent classes, which I sometimes have the chance to have, I propose to invent and innovate and it’s crazy what young people have to teach us sometimes! In the most troubled classes, you have to be humble and understand how incredible all this is for these students …  ”

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