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Attractive Philosophy of a Casino Card That You Often Play

Who doesn’t know playing cards, playing cards or playing cards is no stranger to various groups. Yes, there are 52 cards and often added 2 joker cards as a complement. The playing card was originally made by a creator from mainland Asia and the end was adapted by European nations. And at first the creation of playing cards was not infrequently associated with gods and nobles in ancient times which were also associated with tarot cards. You can try to bet most of the cards like blackjack, baccarat or poker in Agen Maxbet Terpercaya across the Asia.

And rummy games are also familiar with the work of spending time together with colleagues or used for a media game gambling in a casino. The most famous is the city of Las Vegas with all its dedication.

But do you know the history and philosophy of a deck of playing cards that you rarely play? Each picture, number and number of cards has its own meaning that the maker wants to say. The type of playing playing card technique also varies, and there are probably some who are familiar with you. Like poker, solitaire, black jack, and a number of others that might be more complicated to play.

Suit Type or Card Picture

Four pictures of playing cards are spades, waru or spades describing winter, diamonds or diamonds depicting spring, curly or clubs describing summer, and the heart or in describing autumn illustrates that the world has 4 seasons in a year. Among them are spring, drought, fall, and snow.

Number of Cards

The number of 13 cards in one picture or suit card describes the number of weeks in a season. Then a whole deck of playing cards without a joker is 52, because there are 52 weeks in one year. Why not just add up to 54 with an extra 2 jokers? Because the numbers 5 and 2 if it is added up is 7 which describes the number of days a week. And the number of 2 to 10 if all were summed up to 365 representing there 365 days in 1 year.

Character Pictures

A card with the image of ace or as Knight, king means king, queen means princess, and Jack uses minister. The pictures that you see on the playing card are not fabricated images. But it represented the names of kings, queens and ministers who were familiar in their time.


King of hearts or hearts represented by King Solomon or King Charlegmane, King Spades or Spades represented by King David or King David, Curly King or Clubs representing Alexander the Great and King of Diamonds or Diamonds representing king Julius Caesar. the king’s heart which is the opposite of others? yes because it is told that King Solomon lost the war and committed suicide after losing to King Alexander the Great.


Spade queen or spades represent the queen of Pallas Athena, a heart queen or heart represents queen Judith, curly queen or clubs representing queen Argenie. and the queen of diamonds or diamonds represents the queen Racher.


Spades or spades are represented by figure Holger Danske, Jack’s heart or heart is represented by La hire, Curly Jacks or clubs are represented by Sir Lancelot, and Jack Diamonds or Diamonds are represented by Hector.


This Kartu As depicts warriors or warlords who judge the victory of a war. And in a number of games Ace or As can be a determinant of a player’s victory.


The joker card or in Indonesian means clown, he is free to go into the palace and sometimes has the advantage of playing playing cards as a final winner.


Ullen Sentalu Historical Museum

Yogyakarta, became one of the favorite areas that are not rarely used as a unique destination by all travelers. Here, not a few tourist spots that can Sahabat Sporto explore. Starting from nature to history. One of the historical tours that must be Sahabat Sporto visit, the museum Ullen Sentalu. Located at the foot of Mount Merapi, or rather on Jalan Boyong KM 25, Kaliurang Barat, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Ullen Sentalu, has its own meaning and meaning. The name of the museum is an abbreviation of the Javanese language, “Blencong lights blowing is human guidance in stepping and pursue life”. blencong means an oil lamp used in a shadow puppet show. If digested further, the point is that in living life, people need lights or guidance that can illuminate. Museum that stood since 1997, was alluded to be the best museum in Indonesia. Ullen Sentalu, offers entertainment, as well as education. Especially arts and customs of Java.

The building is quite unique, European-style and spacious. Around the location of the museum, overgrown many kinds of trees and lush green plants. So it makes a calm feel. Uniquely, the museum room format is like a labyrinth. Sporto friends can find the hallways that are decorated with paintings, to the ancient Javanese and other relics.
However, before entering, there are a number of things that should be ignored by Sahabat Sporto.

Visitors are prohibited from shooting to video recording, whatever is in and throughout the museum. When entering, visitors will be accompanied by officers, ranging from the entrance to exit. All information in the museum will be explained by the guide. Starting from the history of painting, sculpture and other museum collections, will be discussed informatively.

Philosophically, the name Kaswargan was chosen because it is located at the elevation of the slopes of Mount Merapi, where the Javanese culture views Mount Merapi as a sacred location. Kaswargan Park is in a “historical district”, the historic area like Pesanggrahan Ngeksigondo and Wisma Kaliurang. Pesanggrahan Ngeksigondo in bina on the order of Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII as the location of the family of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate, while Wisma Kaliurang has been used for negotiations of the Three States Commission, namely America, Australia and Belgium during the revolution of state independence. Kaliurang is a mountain tourism area with a distance of 25 km from downtown Yogy.

At Ullen Sentalu Museum there are not a few rooms, which include:

  • Welcome Room, which is a welcoming space for museum guests.
  • Dance and Gamelan Art Room, which contains a set of gamelan that is granted by a Sultan of Yogyakarta prince.
  • Space Guwa Sela Giri, which is a field built under the ground. In this room exhibited the works of painting archives of figures from the Mataram Dynasty.
  • The Poetry Room, which shows poems written by all of GRAj Koes Sapariyam’s relatives and friends in 1939-1947.
  • Royal Room Ratu Mas, the room dedicated