Before Playing You Must Know the Meaning of Card Games

Almost all people who need a card or commonly called playing cards. Playing cards are often used in magic games, fortune telling or ordinary card games. But do you know the history behind playing cards or the philosophy behind playing cards? Like why is the playing card morning 52? Do you want 4 types of cards (Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club) with two contrasting colors (black and red)? Well, on this occasion we will discuss the request. And for this card game you can access at

The champion of history is proven, playing cards are the responsibility of chess books played by herdsmen in West Asia. The playing cards that we usually use to make English playing cards. The reason is your name and name on playing cards like Jack, Queen, King and As. England used to be a kingdom when we match the names of playing cards with kekgystan aspects then you will get the data like the following.

  1. King (K) on playing cards is a king, where the king is the holder of office or the main domination in a kingdom.
  2. Quen (Q) is the queen, where the queen is the companion of the king / king. This means Queen (Q) is one level below the King (K) card.
  3. Jack (J) is like a prince or royal adviser, this relationship means Jack’s (J) card is under King (K) or Queen (Q).
  4. While Ace (A) card is like a royal knight, the person who can roll out the allowance to achieve his glory. Like Gaja Mada in the Majapahit Kingdom.

Then why is the playing card itself 52 and has 4 suits with two different colors?

!. The number of playing cards is 52 (not multiplied by the joker), this provision is the number of ahad in the period.

2. Then why should 52 why not 58? Figures 5 and 2 when added together will get the number 7. This number 7 is the number of days in a week.

3. And why are there 4 settings on playing cards? 4 suits in a credit card. Where;

  • Waru (Spades) unique cool form.
  • Heart (Hearts) is similar to the expression of autumn.
  • Kinky (Club) personality that attracts heat.
  • Wajik (Diamonds) cheap semi expression.
    NB: In the Poker game, the setting is very old / big in front.

4. In each suit there are 13 cards. This number 13 is the number of ahad in one season in Europe.

5. Black and red daylight (red) and night (black).

6. If the numbers in each card are added up, there will be a result of 364, of which 364 is the number of days in the Christian calendar.

Next you will talk about Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker cards.

1. Ace

Ace Card (A) ranks highest in rummy games. As is well known, Ace (A) card is like a royal knight, a person who can roll the money to achieve its glory. Like the ultimate weapon, Ace cards are often saved in the final Game as the key to victory.

2. King

The King Card (K) is the second highest card class after Ace. Did you know that each of the king’s drawings on playing cards is the opposite of the kings collected from the great kings in the real world.
-King of Spades is King David or King David.
-King of Hearts is King Solomon or King Cherlemagne.
NB: Do you know that in the King of Heart picture, the king in the picture stuck his own sword in front. This is due to King Solomon being told that the suicide victim was the reason for losing the war with Alexander the Great.
-King Club is King Alexander the Great.
-King of Diamonds is King Julius Caesar.

3. Queen

Queen Card (Q) is a place to study cards that are one level below the King (K) card. Similar to the king’s card, each photo on the Queen’s card is collected from queens who have lived in the real world.
-Queen of Spades is Pallas Athena.
-Queen of Hearts is Judith.
-Queen of Clubs is Arginie.
-Queen of Diamons is a Racher.

4. Jack

Karu Jack (J) is a card that has a level below the queen. The picture on Jack’s (J) card is also collected from major figures who have lived in the world.
-Jack of Spades is Holger Danske.
-Jack of Hearts is La Hire.
-Jack of Clubs is Sir Lancelot.

5. Joker

Joker cards in playing cards have varied usage. If it is associated with the level of empire, then the joker is a Hofnar or royal clown. Royal clowns can often be accepted and allowed to go out into or near the kingdom. Maybe it’s the business that creates the joker card that has the highest level (higher than Ace) in a playing card and is able to occupy the lowest level or not be permitted.

That’s the philosophy or history behind playing cards. Maybe not a few who are not abnormal with this one card game, but not a few who understand the background. They generally just play without aspiring to just dig into their history.

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