5 Kahlil Gibran’s Love Philosophy You Need to Know and Reflect on

For all fans of literature, especially those that are closely related to romance, certainly know the name Kahlil Gibran very well. This Lebanese-born writer is well known for composing words until they have a deep meaning and can vibrate the soul. No wonder if the songwriter like Ahmad Dhani was also very inspired by him.

Even though he was more skilled as a poet, Kahlil Gibran was also a painter, sculptor, writer, theologian, visual artist, and philosopher. It is through this last field that you know that Gibran often has its own philosophical meaning in each of his works, belonging to the theme of love. Therefore, let’s try to examine the 5 philosophies of love according to him that you need to reflect on.

1. Don’t consider love to come from old friendships and close relationships. Love is the child of the descent of the soul. And if the match does not exist, love will never grow, in a matter of years or even generations

Not like belief, not a few people write that love will grow because they are used to it, Kahlil Gibran is not the cause of two people falling in love. Gibran believed that even though the two humans had known each other for a long time and were familiar in their relationship, it was not certain that love would grow in the hearts of both of them. Especially if there is no feeling of conformity in the soul, then love cannot grow.

2. Love has fingers that are as smooth as silk, whose sharp nails squeeze the heart and make people suffer because of grief. And love is a group of sorrows that are summarized in prayer praise, soaring into space with fragrant incense fragrances

Through the above sentence, Kahlil Gibran seems to want to say that any kind of love must have bitterness in it. Love can be intoxicating as well as deadly in silence. But around the two humans linking their hearts in prayer, Lara will no longer be an enemy in a frightening blanket.

3. Love is a means of knowing two souls. It is not a word that comes from the lips and tongue that brings the heart together. There is nothing more and more sacred than what the mouth reads. He radiates our souls, our hearts whisper. And bring both together

Love is not limited to aesthetic words and seductive coaxing. Love is clearly much more than that. But the mouth of a person who is in love is probably indeed never whispering words of praise. Because that’s what he really feels. What flows in the soul is channeled through the mouth and rises as a whisper in the heart.

4. My love for you, O lover, will remain until the end of my life, and after death the hand of God will unite you again

Do not worry that you will be divorced from the lover of your heart by death. Because it is through your deepest prayer, God will guard your soulmate to be reunited with you on the final day. Therefore, love him sincerely and must never stop praying to God so that your love remains eternal.

5. There is nothing more aesthetic than days that are decorated with love. There is nothing more painful than nights of fear, because love is left behind

The above sentence can actually be contemplated extensively, not merely limited to a single lover, but for all humanity. Love is universal, because there is parents’ love for their children, love for their siblings, love of all neighbors, and love for wise people. Therefore, if Gibran really reflects the loss of the light of love can make the nights passed feel terrible.

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